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For Individuals

BGIM Beloved Community

The purpose of the Beloved Community Group is to discuss real-time issues we have in staying in the work and deepening our connections to one another. It’s meant to be social but also practical—it’s where we can discuss our racial missteps without judgment, but also with accountability and support.

Beloved Community is for people who have been wanting to go deeper in their anti-racism work and who need to develop a cadre of committed anti-racism practitioners (novice and experienced) who will support them in their collective and individual journeys.

Session Schedule

Session 1: Our personal stories of race, who we are, and how we got here. We will be sharing our stories with the group. I will establish group norms as we open up the session and will hold space for the safety of all participants.

Session 2: Moving beyond our stories—what blocks us in this work?

Sessions 3-5: Building on our stories and our blockages, we will work on building accountability into our anti-racism practices as well as creating an anti-racism action plan for the next 12 months and beyond. We will also explore how daily events impact our work as anti-racists.

Depending on the racial makeup of participants, we may break into racial caucus groups. In that case, there will be a modified schedule to address the needs of BIPOC folx in this work and harm reduction.

Tell Me the Truth: Exploring the Heart of Cross-Racial Conversations

90 minute on-stage conversation with Debby Irving, followed by community dialog

How can we speak openly and honestly in cross-racial conversations? What would such a conversation even look like? Shay Stewart-Bouley (Black) and Debby Irving (White) show us as they share racism’s impact on their lives and how cross-racial conversation has been instrumental in their own understanding of 21st-century racial dynamics. Shay and Debby will explore the common fears and pitfalls of cross-racial conversation that keep people isolated in their own racial groups, at the expense of personal, professional, and societal growth. They’ll also help audience members understand how interpersonal social patterns hinder organizations from living up to their own ideals for diversity. No two conversations are alike as they step on stage with no agenda. Current events, in their own lives and in the larger world, inspire the organic conversation they engage in. Finally, Shay and Debby will offer suggestions to create racial justice habits that can move us from isolated events to sustainable connections.

Organizational Offerings

Authentic Dialogues: Talking about Racism and Moving to Action

This interactive session is designed to look critically at racism in our communities and our nation by examining the roots of white supremacy and how the past impacts our present. A key goal will be teaching, sharing, and learning practical tools for working in our own communities to combat racism and to start conversations on addressing racism and difference in predominantly white spaces. This session is a mixture of lecture and small-group work, which will allow participants to deepen their knowledge of racism in 2022, examine their own biases, and learn techniques for starting conversations on racism and how to be an effective ally.

Fee Schedule 2022

Authentic Dialogues: 90 mins: $2000
Beloved Community: $125 per participant (requires a minimum of 12 participants)
Sessions with Debby Irving: vary
Anti-Racism Coaching: $125 per hour

Keynotes/Other speeches upon request