Election Season 2008

I started this election season off feeling rather apathetic, I am from Chicago but initially was not feeling Obama.. then Iowa happened and I started to beleive.. could it possible that a man of color could actually garner enough votes to win the nomination?? Needless to say I started to pay closer attention to the happenings, then Hillary cried (don’t even get me started on them damn crocodile tears) and won New Hampshire. Yet I was starting to feel Obama had something to offer and while the tide may be changing I am still thinking there might be something there but…

 Caught a few minutes of the debates last night and honestly while Obama got angry, I also thought he felt whiny. Yet I know for a fact that as a child of the working class; and a woman with Democratic ties that Hillary defiitely does not speak to me. The question though is can Obama pull it off? He is eloquent as hell yet a talk with my brother the other night revealed what I have been thinking, what exactly does this man stand for? As a former community organizer myself, I know the key to garnering support is eloquence but honestly this country is a mess, we need someone who not just a great speaker but someone who can lead this ship back on course. Truthfully while as a Black woman I want to support this brotha, truth is I am a tad ambivalent.

  1. January 26, 2008
  2. June 19, 2008