Ending Childhood Hunger or not…thoughts from the frontlines

Like many people, I have a complicated relationship with food. Our relationship for the past decade has been especially tenuous as I have worked hard to unlearn a lifetime of bad eating habits and adjust to the metabolism that I really have and not the one I wish I had. As a result, I buy […]

Aren’t y’all just a bunch of narcissistic souls?

One of the hardest things about this blogging life for me is explaining the whole concept of blogging to offline friends who don’t blog or who frankly are not users of social media. A common question that has come up in the past year is why? I actually had someone tell me that blogging frankly […]

Real life and traveling around the sun

This space may be quiet for a few days as I am busy celebrating another year of life, my actual birthday is on Monday but ya know how it is….a weekday birthday means weekend celebrations. It feels like a big one though it is not, 39 trips around the sun. My last year in my […]

Babble Top 100? BGIM say what?

Posting today was not on the agenda since I am in the thick of busy at work. However imagine my surprise yesterday when sitting in my dungeon aka my office and deciding to take a quick break and check in on twitter, when I see a tweet from my husband saying something about me being […]

Somebody is watching you, me and everyone else!

I am zooming past the blog today, as I type this the thermostat in my abode is currently reading at a toasty 84 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s right next to an open window. I suspect it’s a tad warmer here in this alcove of an office that I have. Needless to say this post will […]

It’s all about getting that cash

I have been using various forms of social media now for well over a decade now. In the late 1990’s  I discovered discussion boards, I was contemplating making some life changes and was in need of a supportive community and at that time the net was small enough that I hooked up with a couple of […]

Just a random stream of babble

I am on vacation, of course being short of cash my vacation involves sitting in my house though I may spend a few days in western Maine chilling with friends..So now that I am on vacation and still have a few days of childcare before girl child leaves daycare (by the way she is officially […]

The hookup?

Its early up here in my little corner of the world, in fact we haven’t even gotten the girl child off to preschool yet. So I am sitting here reading my paper online, sipping a cup of hot delicious coffee and listening to NPR. This is pretty much my routine everyday, consume caffeine and consume […]