The GOP and their Personal Responsibility Problem

It’s become increasingly clear since last week’s U.S. Presidential election (though it was pretty clear even before that) that there are a fair number of people who are in crisis. People who are now going off the rails. Wives running over their husbands, people committing suicide, relationships in tatters, and so on—so much of it […]

Race to the cell, the only thing America excels at in 2012

I really did not want anything to do with the final presidential debate; frankly these debates are starting to make me rage. Of course circumstances put me in a situation where I ended up listening to parts of the last debate and catching the running commentary on twitter. The debates are simply good theater, the […]

Obama, Mitt and how we can create real change…reflections on the debate

The last thing I should be doing today is writing a blog post since I have oodles of work for the day job and I am trying to wrap up a submission for paying work and these days I need all the paying work I can get. But after watching last night’s debate between President […]

Sure, Mitt isn’t an empathetic human but neither are most of us!

This week all of America had a chance to see a side of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, which I am pretty sure Mitt wishes he could take back. Thanks to secret videos shared with Mother Jones magazine and the larger world, the largest take away for me is that frankly Mitt Romney lacks empathy. […]

Mitty, you have a connection problem

Dear Mitty, (May I call you that?) Whatever would we do without you? Seriously! Already this week alone you have shown us how things might look under a Romney regime (oops, presidency). I mean you wasted no time showing us how you would deal with enemies of America, facts and tact be damned, just start […]

The two RR’s and a trip in the way way machine sans shoes

It’s that time…time to talk politics. I don’t get into politics too much in this space but with this being an election season and seeing what I am seeing this year in my work, I am very interested in the outcome of this year’s elections. Truth is I like Obama, even though he really isn’t […]

How to get America working again? Bring back the humans!

The unemployment rate isn’t going down and President Obama and his merry crew are wondering what to do. Of course Mitt “flip flop” Romney says if he gets elected he will get the unemployment rate down and see to it that Americans can have things like vacations! Look, I like Obama and I don’t care […]

Safety net…oh you mean the safety string?

Mitt Romney’s foot in mouth moment has inspired me to take a few minutes to post, since today being a half day of school for the wee lass and a full day of work for me means this is a long day. Yet when the guy who looks like he is going to be the […]