Gratitude, schamtitude…(yeah, I made that up)

Today is Thanksgiving, a day in America where either you sit and rail against the atrocity of the day and the atrocities of this country and avoid the gorge-fest known as Thanksgiving Dinner. Or you are sitting around in pajama jeans because you are planning on eating like a human on death row, as if […]

On jackpots…gratitude and being in the now

It’s probably no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I am an avid listener of public radio, so much so that my alarm clock is set to wake me to the sounds of the local public radio station. As usual today the clock went off at the normal painful time of 7:25am and […]

The gift of gratitude in a world spinning out of control

These are not nice times that we are living in; it seems almost daily our senses and souls are confronted with a never-ending stream of misery. Some say that things are not really bad, it’s just that technology and media cycles have increased our capacity to hear about the misery that is projected onto our […]

Gratitude when you really don’t feel like it

I had yet another night where sleep alluded me as it often does these days. Clearly my mind wants sleep but my body says, no girl….no sleep for you. As a result I often wake up in need of an attitude adjustment, but today I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and decided maybe […]

Acceptance and gratitude…what 2011 taught me

Looking back over 2011, this was the year where I got serious about doing the deep soul work that you try to put off but eventually realize you have to do if you want to grow. I have always struggled with gratitude and acceptance, like so many it’s easy to take what I have for […]

Giving thanks

Last night it was a raw rainy night up here in my corner of the world. The kind of night that begs you to look at the simple blessings it’s so easy to take for granted. Things like shelter, heat, a warm cozy bed and someone to snuggle with in that warm cozy bed. How many […]

Seek serenity not security

Its a busy week up here in Maine, work deadlines and monthly female woes have me under the weather so I may be a tad sporadic in posting this week. That said, I wanted to share something that I read this week from this book SimpleAbundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. The author wrote […]