Uprising with the People

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I caught this clip on the local news. What do we have here? A Black woman expressing discontent with President Obama. Now having had a chance to make the rounds to some of my favorite bloggers this morning like Field Negro and a few others, there […]

Guest Post: Changing Careers in an Uncertain Economic Climate: Are you Courageous or just Plain Crazy?

Today’s post is brought to you by Kell’s Think Tank. Kell answered the call from the series I was trying to do about the economic downturn…enjoy and if anyone else wants to submit a guest post, email me at blackgirlinmaine@gmail.com After 10 years in the telecommunications industry, I decided it was high time to shift […]

Cutting back is hard work

Like a lot of Americans this economic downturn has gotten real personal, in the past month between client cut backs we are operating with over $2000 less than we did just a couple of months ago. Thankfully we still have income but when you start losing a couple thousand dollars, it means the only way […]

No money, no cry…

So yesterday, a whole lotta folks went to work in the US only to learn that they were about to join the ranks of all those other folks who in the past year have lost their jobs. Yep,  the good ole American economy shed what, 70,000 gigs in one day and we know more cuts […]