Mama, take off your training wheels

Today the mothering community was all in a tizzy after Time magazine’s latest issue came out entitled “Are You Mom Enough” featuring a mom nursing a toddler. The accompanying article is about attachment parenting and the self-appointed Godfather of the attachment parenting movement Dr. Sears. Frankly as someone who for a while was an ardent […]

Attachment parenting is killing the parents

Attachment parenting has gone from the fringes of a few parenting pioneers to almost being mainstream but somewhere along the way attachment parenting lost its way and has morphed into something that frankly is hazardous to families. See, certain tenets of attachment parenting have always been practiced among indigenous and minority families before it ever […]

Raising Her, raising me…the journey of parenting

Back in 2004 when the Spousal Unit and I sat down and got serious about having a kid, I had all sorts of ideas about how I would raise my child. I admit looking back; a lot of what was driving me was guilt, guilt over feeling that I had failed my firstborn. Having had […]

Raising Black and Brown Babies

As much as I love the exchange of information and communities that can form online I have to say that there are areas where I feel it’s very limited. No matter who we are and how open minded we see ourselves the fact is we bring our lens to how we interpret information. In the […]

Evengelical Parenting

I am becoming more and more convinced that there are certain segments of the population for whom the act of raising children closely resembles the conversion that happens when folks become Evangelical Christians. I know because in the past I was closely aligned with Evangelical Christianity, now I consider myself a simple Christian. Yet in […]