Holiday Dreams, Desires and Other Breaks with Reality

Tis the season to be merry and all that jazz, of course holidays for me mean stress! Don’t get me wrong; at the end of the day, I love my work. It’s rewarding emotionally, mentally and spiritually…the only place where frankly my rewards are lacking are in the cash department. As I have taken to joking, in many ways I am like a Missionary of Charity, except I didn’t take a vow of chastity! Gotta have some rewards while still on this rock.
Seriously though, I tend to live in reality most of the time since frankly fantasy land will get me nowhere other than to annoy me. That said, I admit I do find myself wishing I could get away this year. Nothing crazy, frankly going up to the north woods here in Maine where internet connections are scant would be lovely. After all the last time I went away last year, my agency almost lost a grant award since I wasn’t around to answer a clarifying question to the committee that made the decision. Thankfully we drove around to the one spot in the little town we were in where I could get a connection long enough to explain I was on vacation. In the end the grant was awarded but even my get away wasn’t really away.
So universe I am just going to throw out that if you really want to be kind and reward a faithful servant to the poor this holiday season, a getaway with the entire family would be great. If the whole family getting away is not feasible, how about a few days back in my hometown? Chicago in winter is still nice! Am I asking for too much? Well I will bring my surprise down to earth and suggest an hour long massage? In any event, if anyone wants to surprise me this holiday season, any of these options would be good.
What about you? Anything you are secretly wishing for this holiday season?

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