Babble Top 100? BGIM say what?

Posting today was not on the agenda since I am in the thick of busy at work. However imagine my surprise yesterday when sitting in my dungeon aka my office and deciding to take a quick break and check in on twitter, when I see a tweet from my husband saying something about me being on a list of top mom bloggers! For starters, I was like uh oh…he’s gone batty. So I clicked the link he had tweeted and sure enough he was right. Seems this humble space landed on Babble’s list of 100 top Mom bloggers.
To be honest, that is amusing to me, since I rarely consider myself to be a mom blogger, hell I am just a loud mouth who writes to blow off steam. Until recently I had never made a dime off this blog and even what few shekels I have made are pretty small. Let’s just say I won’t be giving up my day job or my consulting and grant writing unless I want a diet comprised primarily of rice. So as you can imagine to even end up on a list with folks like Dooce and Pioneer Woman is pretty damn amusing.
So to you dear readers, I say thank you! Whoever thought enough about this blog to even bring it to the attention of the folks at Babble, thank you so much.
I imagine for many bloggers ending up on this list is good especially in the day of brands and all that. Already I have seen a fellow blogger who is on the list tweeting that her inbox is blowing up with offers. Well my box is only blowing up with work related stuff, so I doubt that this will have any long term effect here in BGIM land. Though as I joked to the Spousal Unit last night, wonder if I can get a new stove now courtesy of someone else? I am guessing not…darn; guess I better keep putting change in the jar.

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