I’m so gauche or the high cost of consumption

Deep breath here. This is a post that has been simmering for months yet every time I try to get the words out, my inner good girl would chide me and say don’t do it… Yet after a really strange series of happenings, it’s time. I may lose a few readers and that is okay […]

A yogi and the train or moving meditations

Its been almost two months now since I have started my now not so new position in Boston, a position that involves traveling 200 miles round trip via Amtrak and the Boston subway. One of the questions that I am constantly asked is “how is the commute?”; and surprisingly I must say that the commute […]

The high price of truth or assimilation gone wrong

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.”- Sojourner Truth   In the fall of 2007, I was at a professional crossroads after a year of teaching and realizing that I had neither the patience nor temperament to teach. I had a relatively brand new master’s degree and six figures worth of student loan debt so not […]

BGIM muses on love, loving and partnerships

A day for love and romance or a day to hide under the comforters with a Whitman sampler and a gallon of ice cream…welcome to Valentine’s Day.  The jackpot day for florists, chocolate makers and a host of businesses that thrive on the business of love. Make no mistake, love is a business, even during […]

When holidays hurt and changing up the tempo

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and unlike years past, there are no frenetic kitchen happenings at my house. Instead, I went out this morning and picked up a cinnamon-walnut coffee cake and pumpkin pie at the local bakery and called around looking for any restaurant that will be open on Thanksgiving Day. After a few tense moments, […]

Big cities don’t like families with kids…a vent of sorts

Despite spending the last 11 years in Maine, I am still very much a big city girl. While I have come to appreciate the simple joys of living in a rural state and the exquisite beauty of nature, at the end of the day, my heart and soul lies in the big city. It doesn’t […]

“Why are you always talking about race?” and prophetic words from over 30 years ago

“Why are you always talking about race?” This question was recently posed to me and while I was able to deflect and lighten the mood, the truth is the question annoyed me. We so desperately want to be a post-racial nation when all the evidence suggests that we are nowhere near being post-racial. It will […]

Society prefers closets and would be happy to stuff you back in yours

There is a great clip floating around the internet by Ash Beckham who recently spoke about her experience of being asked by a four year old if she were a boy and the universal experience of coming out of a closet. In our culture the term “coming out of the closet” is often used to […]

The non-profit sector eats its own or it must be nice to be parsnip rich

Sixteen years ago, I jumped into the non-profit sector with the type of wide eye idealism and hope that often brings people to the sector. A chance to make a difference in the world in a meaningful way. Whether it’s working with an advocacy group, a shelter or a soup kitchen, the common thread that […]

A mask dropping night…a recap

Last night I had the honor of holding space with a group of people and having the type of mask dropping conversation that happens all too infrequently for many of us. It is hard enough to talk about the implications of race and class in the United States with people who we know and love […]