Bathe often?

If you are in the US and reading this…happy 4 of July to you, ok I am a day late but you know what I am saying. Anyway being that its a holiday weekend, I don’t have much to say but I pose this question to you…do you bathe daily? See, the reason I am asking this because I have pretty much always believed in the daily shower or bath.

Since the age of 5 or 6 I have required the use of deodorant, which pretty much means I have must bathe daily, if I don’t I start to smell like something that resembles a zoo animal and frankly the smell of me without a bath is offensive to my own nose much less anyone else.

Yet in my years in Maine where many of the folks I interact with daily are not African-American, I have met more than a few people who have shared with me that they don’t bathe daily for a myriad of reasons. Some because they feel they don’t need it, don’t have time or the fact that its a drain on resources. I will be honest, I would give up a lot before I gave up my daily shower but that’s just me.

Anyway I started wondering, among my Black friends I know no one who does not bathe every day, so I started to wonder if this is a cultural difference. So tell me do you bathe daily or not? Why or why not?

Help a sista understand the no bathe thing, I am truly not snarking but for a member of the 1-2 shower a day, its hard to imagine life with only a weekly shower.

Enjoy the weekend!

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