New directions for this blog

Dear Readers,

Let me just say its been a fun ride the past two years in this space. I have come to accept that in this current form I will never become a blog superstar, after all I don’t have a focus or niche other than the fact I am a Black woman living in Maine.

So as I think about the fact that I would like to grow my readership, I ask you dear readers what changes would you suggest for this blog? I have been toying with the idea of maybe changing the name to Black Mama in Maine and focusing more on parenting from the lens of a Black woman. After all in the blogosphere it seems the Mamas get all the love and if nothing else access to much swag and maybe even a new computer.

Seriously, though fall is here and I am thinking change is in the air so if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.

PS: Computer beg-a-thon is still underway and while I don’t want to pressure anyone if you have ever read this blog and enjoyed what you were reading consider supporting this space by making sure I can continue writing. I don’t expect any one person to make a large contribution but every dollar counts. At this point I think if I can get halfway to my goal of $1200 for a Mac Book Pro, I will be able to afford the rest. Granted I would like to incur no debt which is why I am doing the beg-a-thon in the first place.

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