It’s not always racism, sometimes folks are just foul

Past week its been interesting up here in Maine. Last week this story broke, and then this story happened over the past weekend. In both these stories its a situation that at one point in time, I may have jumped to the defense of the Black folks because the white folks must be wrong. Yet as I get older I find myself looking at both sides of a story before I start placing judgement.

Maine being a small place, it turns out that several of the fellows who claim they were discriminated against actually were students of mine back in 2007 when I was teaching. I remember them well because they were some of the only students that almost got cussed out by me. These young brothers had chips on their shoulders and  were blatantly disrespectful, to the point they almost failed out but in a fit of craziness I passed these jokers with a D and they were able to graduate.

So based off my experience, I am not saying they were not the victims of racism but knowing what I know, I am suspect.

In the second story, David Okot, was out in Maine’s largest city, allegedly intoxicated and waving a gun….um, no where in America is a drunk Black man waving a gun a good idea. Shit, that’s what you do if you got a death wish…look the po-po takes folks waving guns rather seriously. Just last month in the town next to mine a white woman was shot and killed because she was outside waving a gun, cops told her to put the gun down instead she continued and moved closer to the cops, so they shot her. If white women waving guns in Maine can get shot and killed, let’s be real…you know Black folks doing the same can also expect to be killed as well.

So Okot was shot and killed and folks are on the local news saying he was a good guy, um….hold up, seems the man had an extensive police record and a tendency to engage in the antics that may have lead to his life coming to a sudden end. By the way the photos I have seen of brotha-man did not make me think nice guy, made me think he was a wanna be gangster and we all know what happens to gangsters.

There are those who are concerned that there is an uptick in racism here in Maine, truthfully I don’t know. I have lived here 7 years and generally find the natives to be cool. Yeah, there are some assholes but generally its a live and let live place. However, I can see if you come here intent on being a troublemaker that you might have trouble.

In 2009 though we have to move the racism discussions further along and realize that not all bad things that happen to be folks of color is because of racism. Sometimes folks are just foul and karma pays their asses back in a big fat way.

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