I am talking money and having a pity party, come on by!

Looking back at my life and looking at my own kids, I am more convinced than ever that one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is the gift of understanding money and how to manage it. My folks were great in many ways, they taught me many things and imparted much […]

The struggle to become a saver

After a few nights of Nyquil, I seem to be back on the right track. I am starting to think my flu like feeling was less about having the flu or a cold and more my body’s response to the high levels of stress I have been dealing with. I find that sometimes it takes […]

It’s okay to be mediocre

We are living in crazy times here in the US, many of our fellow country men and women are struggling to survive to the point where just keeping food on the table is a struggle. Yet at the same time many of us are still playing our role as the ultimate consumers. Fancy meals, coffee […]

I need your help

It’s been a while since I have mentioned my finances or frugality in this space, in part because things are not too tight and I have to admit, I have fallen off the frugality wagon. Oh, it wasn’t intentional but lately I realized that I have not been picking up the Sunday paper and clipping […]

Frugality on hold

It’s been a while since I have talked money, partially because I have not been riding the frugality train as hard as I had been in the past. Things have started to look up with regards to income, of course that’s the life of a freelancer. Some years the Spousal Unit has had a great yearas […]

Potlucks and Race

With the holiday season underway and financial times tough for many folks, everyone is looking for a way to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank. One of the suggestions that seems to come up often for planning a get together is to make it a potluck style meal. Now obviously the benefits of taking […]

When not to be frugal

This is the type of post you write and you feel a tad hypocritical about sharing, but I am an open book in many instances especially when it comes to my finances. I look at this way, while there are some who would never share as much as I do about my financial life, I […]

How Low Could you Go?

I know, I know…you are probably tired of hearing me talk about money. Well considering it’s the season when most of us lose our heads in the quest to give the best gifts we can (or cannot) afford I figure you can never talk enough about money. I have been reading this blog almost since it’s inception, […]

Problem solved and no debt incurred

Well readers you can breath a sigh of relief that you no longer have to hear about my car woes. The Spousal Unit and I were able to find what we hope will be a trusty car. I ended up contacting a local well-known used Volvo dealer and repairman and he had a car that […]

Best plans tossed aside by Murphy

I am in full vent mode today, so if I sound crazy it’s because my plans have been tossed aside by that bitch named Murphy. Regular readers know I am struggling to reduce my debt and live a more frugal life. It’s been going fairly well despite falling off the no Starbucks wagon. It’s those damn […]