In the name of Jesus

Today is one of those rare days I am going to talk about my faith, its not that I am ashamed of my faith because I am not but generally its just not something I write about here at this blog. However with each passing week of this election season, I find myself getting madder and madder because of all the things I hear about that are being done supposedly “In the name of Jesus”.

Seems that its rather popular to be hateful in the name if Jesus. Yet anyone who has done more than regurgitate half truths spoken to them by some nut-job preacher might realize that hating in the name of Jesus is not biblical at all.

Since the nomination of Sarah Palin as the VP candidate on the Republican ticket, bits and pieces have trickled out about her faith, a faith that supposedly guides her, a faith that had a certain preacher by the name of Muthee praying for her success. A faith that has certain folks likening Sarah to the biblical Esther, problem is that there is a serious disconnect between Mizz Palin’s actions and her faith. Now she might very well have accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior but apparently her knowledge of the man she professes as her savior is lacking.

Lets break out our bibles kids, presumably folks who follow the faith tradition of Sarah and her ilk tend to view the bible literally, which means they feel that all of the bible is God inspired and what it says is what it means. If that is the case then, lets look at what Jesus himself says in Matthew 22:34-39, in this passage Jesus is being questioned by the Pharisees,  an expert in the laws asks Jesus the following question. “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?” Verse 37 onward Jesus replies ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” “And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments.

Lets think about that, out of Jesus own mouth we are commanded to love each other, if we are commanded to love each other in the Christian faith then speaking words that inspire hate, might run counter to that commandment. In the book of 1John 4: 7-21, the whole passage there also speaks of love verse 16 says ” God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” I only presented a snippet but feel free to look up the whole passage as it speaks strongly on the issue of love.

No kids,  once again we can see a clear disconnect between Palin and her supporters when we hear words like kill him and off with his head when referencing Barack Obama. Of course then there is the issue of pastors who are praying for Obama’s defeat, now I admit I can’t supply the name of the pastor I saw a few nights ago but in paraphrasing, this guy was real clear that his God was the only God and no one else’s mattered and that if God is good, he will make sure that McCain and Palin win and yeah he appeared to be asking that in Jesus name.

Um, dang… ya’ll some bold folks, but last time I checked claiming Jesus and praying in his name does not ensure good things aka what you want will happen at all. See, I learned that almost 5 years ago when my Mom died. See, it was my will that she live and get well. Turns out that was not the master plan, in fact as Christians we often don’t get what we want because God is not our personal genie we rub to get our way.

Once again looking at scripture in John 16:33 Jesus states “ I have told you these thing, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” I have always read that passage to mean, and excuse my french here but shit happens, buts its all good because Jesus is in charge. Yet that does not mean I am going to get my way. Again looking at our bible if we turn to Isaiah 55: 8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Seems to me God himself and again this is for the biblical literalist is saying he doesn’t think the way our human minds work.

Yet many of us are so bold and ignorant to presume we know God’s mind, now if you are like me and realize that you need God in your  life, I sure as hell don’t want my savior to be quite like me. I like the idea that he is a smidge smarter than me and he is in charge. Otherwise if he thought like me, maybe I should throw my faith out the window.

No, and this is the biblical interpretation according to Black Girl, but hate in the name of God is not biblical in fact if one feels they are waging a holy war against Barack Obama, they might want to sit the fuck down and make sure its not Satan leading them down that path.

Its one thing to want to win or to see your candidate win, but when it crosses that line where we are praying and riling people to hate, you better heed John’s words and check them spirits you got being broad-casted into your mind because the hate we  are starting to see festering crosses that line and is not Godly.

In closing I will reference Matthew 7: 21-23 ” Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father in Heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive put demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers! Reading that passage it seems clear to me that Jesus himself is letting folks know don’t use my name for wrong and think its right because I know the deal.

So to all the folks out there who think threats of death are cool because you find Obama’s policies distasteful and feel he is wicked, I say you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Stay tuned tomorrow, Sarah Palin is bringing the hate express to Maine for a morning rally, so I hope to have something insightful to share.

Got fear?

I have a confession, I am really scared. Scared personally because after almost 13 years the spousal unit and I are going through a rough patch, nah its not so serious that a breakup is coming but for two easy going folks, its been a rough year.

I am scared financially, because well the past year and a half we have now lost close to over 30K in income but my bills haven’t dropped so every month I am playing that rob Peter to pay Paul game. Truth is I am not sure how much more we can endure financially, but I am going to remain upbeat and have faith that the tide will turn soon.

Yet the biggest fears that are nagging at me daily is around the election. See, living in Maine as a Black woman is not exactly a cakewalk and leaving is not a reality anytime soon. I have tried working the numbers for an escape sooner rather than later, and its just not happening. Don’t get me wrong, the place has grown on me but at same time, I wouldn’t mind being some place where there were more folks that looked like me.

Nope, I am scared about what happens if Obama wins. On another site I hang out at, another Black woman living in a fairly white state articulated perfectly what has been lying beneath the surface with me that I have been to scared to name. Will I face a backlash if he is elected? See, while Sarah Palin has been practicing  for her next gig as the Grand Klan Dragon or whatever they call the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, I have been wondering will average folks of color like myself feel the wrath of angry white folks should their man and woman lose?

Don’t get me wrong, I damn sure don’t want McCain-Palin to win (yet another fear) but I wonder will we see increased incidents of violence by folks whose passions have been inflamed thanks to the Hate Express?  I hope not but truth be told, I think violence is likely. I think should Obama lose violence is also a reality in large cities. Don’t even let us endure another election season with hi-jinx with the votes… I see riots and violence the likes we have not seen since the 1960’s being a real possibility.

Yet in the midst of my own petty fear, I am reminded of the ancestors and those who blazed the path before me and millions of others, a path that allowed for a little Black girl from Chicago to even end up in Maine. When I stop and reflect on the fact that as my Pops reminded me yet again last night that he grew up drinking from the colored water fountain, picking cotton in rural Arkansas, I am reminded that while my fear is real, its nothing compared to what those before me faced.

So, while I do have some fear for what will happen come November 5 in this country, I am going to hold to the faith that millions of others before me had that allowed them to rise up and hope for a better tomorrow.

Terrorist is the new N-Word

Can I just say that after viewing several you-tube videos as well as footage from a McCain-Palin rally that I am really scared as well as depressed by the state of our nation and the folks who reside in this nation. Yesterday, I saw some footage outside a rally in Strongville, OH that showed folks who were very proud to wallow in their ignorance when it comes to Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

Folks proudly and angrily declared that Obama is a terrorist, its in his bloodline, one woman in  particular a blond chick was almost foaming at the mouth with hatred towards Obama. Other footage I saw yesterday included folks saying that Obama would lead us into socialism and communism. (yo dumb asses, that bank bailout is a slippery slope away from capitalism, are you aware of that?) Folks screaming that the organization ACORN  is responsible for the housing crisis that has now morphed into the credit and financial crisis. Implication being that the Negros aka the darkies are responsible for this shit.

Talk about a lot of half-baked theories not rooted in any type of reality. However aside from the one Negro in Wisconsin ( a mister James T Harris by the way, conservative radio talk show host) who needs his Black card immediately revoked, all the folks spewing with this anger were all white. Which leads me to wonder and guess is the word terrorist the new nigger. See, we are all scared of terrorists and the powers to be would have us to believe that all terrorists are folks with dark skin. Never mind that America herself has given birth to many crazy ass white folks who we could call terrorists (Timothy McVeigh, anyone?). When a white person slips and goes crazy well its just a blip, ya know how it is.

No, the McCain-Palin camp recognizes that fear of race and fear of the unknown is still real in this country so while they know they can’t just come out and call Obama a nigger, and tell folks to fear the nigger. They can and are saying fear the terrorist, fear the dark one and sadly their supporters are buying it, in fact they are gobbling it up like a hungry person. Problem is that is this is some scary shit, these folks are so fearful of the dark one, the “terrorist” that they don’t even care that voting for McCain and his winged she bitch will only make their working class financial plight worse. No, anything is better than a terrorist aka a nigger.

Now I bet anything these same folks who are fearful of Obama with no basis in reality would be quick to say that they aren’t racist, of course not. I mean even the hardcore racists know you can’t come out and say you hate Black folks, but you can come out and say you hate terrorists who in most simple American minds are non-white folks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all McCain supporters are racist, shit I have one friend who is a lifelong Republican in fact this political season we aren’t even talking about this election because its too heated. I believe folks have the right to vote for whoever they want, but damn use some common sense and don’t let your choices be based in fear and ignorance. Have a reasonable reason for voting the way you do, know the issues, not just the regurgitated Fox News sound bytes…

No, as I drank my coffee this morning, the ole commercials from the United Negro College Fund came to mind ” A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” Sadly in America looks like a lot of minds are being wasted and that could very well be our downfall.