Moving ahead…I want to hear from you

It’s been no secret that in recent months, I have looked at ways to monetize this blog. I work in the non-profit sector and while I love my work, it’s not exactly a big money maker, so supplementing my income is a good thing. I love blogging and enjoy the process and while this blog […]

Someone’s child, someone’s mama

Unless you have been under a rock for the past 48 hours, surely you have heard the news of Whitney Houston’s untimely demise at the tragically young age of 48. I have to admit that I was not much of a fan of Houston’s music, it was more that her music served as the soundtrack […]

Almost V-day…be sexy for you!

Tis the season for love and romance with Valentine’s Day just mere days away, are you ready? If you are anything like me, past a certain age Valentine’s Day does absolutely not a thing for you. I mean can’t you let me know you love me all the time? Why do we need a “special” […]

When Papas Snap…what the parenting books don’t tell us!

Sickness has taken over here in BGIM land; I am down for the count with a nice old fashioned cold. The kind that just takes everything out of you, coupled with the fact it’s been crazy at work, my energy level is about a negative one. Needless to say blogging wasn’t on my agenda but […]

Reflections and musings on the state of blogging 2012

I admit I may not be the best person to be giving advice on this thing we call blogging, after all my blog is small and despite being on Babble’s list of 2011 Mom bloggers, I don’t exactly earn a living with this gig. It’s a good thing that I am pretty damn good at […]

Cancer sucks and knowledge is power

The world is a little less bright tonight; a fellow Mom and blogger Susan Niebur lost her battle with breast cancer today. I only recently discovered Susan’s blog but read through it in a few days. She leaves behind a husband and two small children, she was also an astrophysicist! Susan battled inflammatory breast cancer […]

Twenty years of parenting

Twenty years ago today, when my peers were off enjoying their first year of college or finding themselves I was getting ready for one of the biggest jobs ever, bringing you into the world. Looking back now it doesn’t surprise me that you like to take your time, marinate on ideas and even stroll slowly. […]

Safety net…oh you mean the safety string?

Mitt Romney’s foot in mouth moment has inspired me to take a few minutes to post, since today being a half day of school for the wee lass and a full day of work for me means this is a long day. Yet when the guy who looks like he is going to be the […]

An open letter to the state of Maine….sweetie I must vent!

Dear State of Maine, You and I have had a love-hate relationship; of course you knew this all along. The truth is I did not enter our relationship freely of my own will. Life circumstances over a decade ago required that you and I enter a relationship, so I had to accept that you needed […]