Its happened again…

Its happened yet again, another senseless school shooting. This time the place was Chardon, OH, and as of this writing two young people have lose their lives and three were physically injured. Of course the impact of this act is far greater than the five who physically were harmed, a community was harmed. For the […]

Mourning turns to memories

Since 2004, this week has represented the longest week of my year. Yeah, it sounds strange but bear with me, 8 years ago today my mother celebrated her 50th birthday and then left this world 4 days later. For the first few years after her death I would spend this week holding back the tears […]

Prep School Negro Rescheduled

Just a heads up, winter decided to rear it’s ugly head causing the Prep School Negro showing to be rescheduled. Gotta love the weather! Anyway this fabulous event has officially been rescheduled for April 2, 2012 6:00pm. Hope you can make it if you are local. Several months ago one my twitter followers told me […]


It will be 4 years this summer since I started this blog, it started off really as a way to talk about my life in Maine and see if maybe I could find a few other Black folks in Maine or near Maine. However over the course of time this space has evolved, I guess […]

The practice of being…just be

It’s vacation week up in my corner of the world, which means the 6 year old is on vacation and for once so am I since my schedule follows the school calendar. For the first time in forever I am actually taking time off minus a meeting the other night. One of my goals this […]

Things I don’t get….sushi and staycations

Random thoughts as I revel in being more or less on vacation this week, oh sorry! It’s really just a staycation with a one day trip to Boston thrown in, can I tell how much  the word staycation annoys me? Frankly I think a broke hipster invented that word so that he/she would not have […]

Cultural differences and death…a homegoing

Today the world laid Whitney Houston to rest, and for some it was none to soon but as I accidentally found myself sucked into reading tweets about the service and later actually watching it on TV, I realized there was something larger at play. Despite the strides over the years for Black Americans to integrate […]

I want to go home! Life in Maine as a Black Girl

A reader recently asked me about writing more pieces about what life is like in Maine as a Black person. Totally makes sense, after all this is Black Girl in Maine. It’s also incredibly timely since today is one of those days where like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I want to go home. […]

What we don’t see…life with anxiety

It’s amazing how seemingly small things will trigger you and take you back to a place you haven’t been in a long time nor did you necessarily want to go. I had that experience this evening as someone on twitter made a seemingly innocuous comment that for a moment had me on edge but then […]

Woman, don’t you know your place?

Work has had me out straight lately as Mainers are fond of saying (translation, real busy) yet despite being busy as hell, I have been paying attention to the world happenings and frankly it’s scary. Is it me, but have the powers to be, whoever those powers are, decided to launch a full scale attack […]